Customer Panel in payday loans online

Customer Panel in payday loans online

When choosing an online loan from a non-bank institution, we are often obliged to create our account otherwise known as the Customer Panel. Thanks to this, we don't have to complete the whole application from the beginning with the next loan. We only mark the amount that interests us and the repayment period. We have completed other data. And what if we do not intend to use the services of the company again, then should the account be deleted? Read the article below to learn how to delete an account at a loan company and whether it is worth doing at all. As an example, we will use three leading loan companies - Hypocredit, Hillarum and Zengga.

Creating a Customer Profile

Creating a Customer Profile In all three companies, completing the first loan application is tantamount to creating a Customer Panel. This type of account can be a huge convenience, because we will have all the information about the obligations incurred in a given company in one place. Additionally, by applying for another payday loan we save time, all we have to do is log in to the profile and choose the amount and period for which we want to take out the loan. At Hypocredit, all contracts are signed electronically and stored in an e-archive, to which we have access by logging into the Customer Profile. The company has abandoned sending documents by traditional mail. In addition, after logging into the Customer Panel, Hypocredit informs us about current individually created offers. Having an account at Hillarum, apart from short online application, we can use the loan via SMS, wherever we are. All we have to do is contact the company by calling from the phone number we provided during registration. Having an account at Zengga also reduces the time it takes to complete the application , but we don't count on the fact that the company will grant a regular loan to regular customers based on regular repayments of the previous commitment. As we can read, the god of Zengga makes sure that her clients do not fall into a spiral of debt, so regardless of whether we are a new client of this institution or if we have already borrowed funds, the verification of our borrowing capacity will be the same.

Deleting an account at a loan company

Deleting an account at a loan company The procedure for account deletion in all companies is similar. You must send a written order to delete our data. We can send such a request by traditional mail, however consultants recommend us to send such an order electronically from the e-mail address that we previously provided in the form. Some financial institutions, guided by internal policy, do not allow for re-opening an account. This means that if we decide to delete our data, we will never be able to set up a profile or take loans from a given institution. This is how Hypocredit and Zengga work, while in Hillarum it is possible to restore the account . We must send such a request by e-mail enclosing a scan of ID card and providing current contact details. Before making the final decision regarding the removal of a Customer Profile, it is worth considering. The consequence of removing the Customer Profile is the inability to receive a quick loan in a proven company in a crisis. However, if you have already made such a decision, it is worth logging in to the Customer Panel again and downloading or printing all the contracts we have concluded with the lender. It is worth having access to such documents after deleting the profile.

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